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Creating an individualized program that works for you!

Researching and Writing

A Method that Works 


 Why Dyslexia Success? 

     Dyslexia Success provides an answer to parents who are looking for help with their student’s struggles with dyslexia.  Approximately 10% -  20% of the population has dyslexia, and this learning difference can be remediated with the Orton-Gillinghan approach. 


What I offer

     I offer 1:1 tutoring and use specific materials to build your student’s confidence. I create and use explicit, diagnostic, Orton-Gillingham, multi-sensory lessons for students of all ages.  You do NOT have to be diagnosed with dyslexia for tutoring.  This method helps all struggling readers!

     For younger students,  I create lessons using multi-sensory techniques to engage your student and to enhance his/her knowledge of phonics, syllable patterns, and the etymology of words to promote decoding, word recognition, and fluency.  I also use decodable texts for practice and to promote fluency. 

     For older students, I offer lessons that exercise students’ knowledge of words while enhancing their fluency and automaticity while reading.  Lessons for older students are age appropriate and are not considered "elementary".   I have worked with many older students, including high school seniors.  It is never too late to start remediation for dyslexia!!  

I also serve as an advocate for students in obtaining 504 plans for accommodation in school.


Beyond high school

I am also affiliated with The Test Experts, a test prep company.  I understand ACT/SAT test prep for students with dyslexia as well as the process of obtaining accommodations for the ACT and SAT.  

Hi!  I am Hayden Angay, and I am passionate about helping students with dyslexia.  I am trained in Orton-Gillingham through the Academy of Orton-Gillilngham and hold the following degrees and certificates.


University of GA- Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia

Georgia State University - M.Ed. English Education

Delta State Universtiy - B.A. English

Academy of Orton-Gillingham

Working with students with dyslexia is my favorite thing to do!  I love seeing how students' fluency improves and how much they gain in reading comprehension and CONFIDENCE!  It is very rewarding to watch students grow.  Let's get started with your student today.  It is never too late to start remediation!



Reviewing for the Exam