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We started tutoring with Hayden just before the pandemic shut down the schools.  The entire year my son made zero progression on reading level and fell behind one and a half grade levels which caused him frustration and began to affect his self esteem. 

After working with Hayden for five months, during which time school was closed, our school evaluated my son and he advanced five reading levels putting him only half a grade level behind!  My son now has confidence and is enjoying school more than ever before.  

I don't know how Hayden does it but I have dropped my son off with Hayden while he is in a bad mood refusing to to homework.  After he left Hayden my son was his happy giggling self coming straight home finishing his homework up with no complaints!  Thank you Hayden!!

                                                       Amy M. 



My daughter is dyslexic and has struggled with reading, processing information, and self confidence/self esteem.  She has been working with Hayden for about a year now and it has been the most rewarding experience for her! 

She is gaining in confidence in herself and her abilities to read, write, and process her school work.  I can not say enough about how dedicated, caring, and wonderful Hayden is with Sullivan.  She is by far the best teacher/tutor Sullivan has had in teaching her to read, write and process information. 

She said to me the other day after a tutoring session with Hayden, "I am getting it mom, even the hard words!!"  It was pure joy and happiness in her smile.  If you are looking for a dedicated teacher/tutor for your child with dyslexia then you must work with Hayden!!! She is the best dyslexic teacher in the area and I can not say enough wonderful things about her.  She is helping my daughter soar in all aspects of her school work.  

                                                       Sara S. 



Hayden Angay uses dyslexia specific remediation techniques with my 8th grader who is dyslexic and dysgraphic. She has made a tremendous difference. His confidence is up and is actually reading and enjoying it!


She has made great suggestions on his accommodations that have been so enlightening. Her passion for helping dyslexics is evident. I would highly recommend Hayden! Game Changer!

                                           Dina Snyder 


Hayden has worked with my son since his 5th grade year.  At the time, he was on a 3rd grade reading level. He is now in the middle of his 6th grade year and is at grade level and beyond!  We couldn't be more pleased with what Hayden and our son have accomplished!


We hired Hayden to work with my child with Orton-Gillingham lessons as well as an advocate for him in both the elementary and the middle school.  She knows which accommodations are needed to help my child thrive! 


These accommodations will also be available as he continues his education and even for the SAT/ACT.  We are so happy to have our child working with Hayden and know that our child can face academics head on and with confidence!



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